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Rental Criteria

A Non-Refundable Application Fee is required for all applications of individuals 18 years and older. This community will not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or handicap.
All applicants for residency for our apartment community will be approved on the following basis, depending on the results, applicants may be subjects to conditions of approval including but not limited to additional deposits:

Occupancy Standards:
Efficiency- Maximum of Two (2) Occupants
One Bedroom- Maximum of Three (3) Occupants
Two Bedroom- Maximum of Five (5) Occupants
Three Bedroom- Maximum of Seven (7) Occupants

Age Requirements:
Lease Holder(s) must be 18 years or older. All Occupants 18 years or older will be required to complete an application. This applies even if living with a parent or guardian.

Income Requirements:
The gross monthly income of all lease holder(s) will be considered jointly and must equal a minimum of 3 times the apartment rental at full market rate. All income must be verifiable. Acceptable forms of proof of income are: 2 MOST RECENT PAYCHECK STUBS, 3 MONTHS OF BANK STATEMENTS REFLECTING DEPOSIT HISTORY, MOST RECENT W2, OR AWARD LETTER FOR THOSE RECEIVING SSI OR RETIREMENT.
Students whom receive financial aid will be considered self-employed and must provide proper documentation of financial aid. (Financial aid must amount to the full market rent times 3, times the number of months in the term of the lease.)
Applicants who are self-employed must provide previous personal income tax return and the 2 most recent bank statements as evidence of sufficient income. Persons who hold jobs that are commission only, base salary plus commission, tips or bonuses will be considered self-employed.
For properties that accept Housing Vouchers: The amount of rental assistance received will be included towards the 3 times of the rental amount. (Additional application requirements apply)

Employment Verification:
Lease Holders must be currently employed and have verifiable employment history for a minimum of 6 months, or provide evidence from a credible third party source of regular income sufficient to 3 times the rental amount on the apartment home reflecting throughout the term of the lease.

Rental History/Residency:
Applicant must have owned a home or have verifiable rental history for a minimum of six months with a management company or landlord who will verify that the applicant has a good payment history with no more than three (3) late payments or returned checks per year of residency, has not had any lease violations, and has not been foreclosed upon, evicted, or broken a rental agreement with in the last 12 months. Reference information from family members or friends will not be considered.

Credit & Criminal Background screening:
Credit history and criminal background screening will be completed via the third-party screening source. The reports will be evaluated by the third party and approval will be based on the scoring model.
Criminal conduct that indicates a demonstrable risk to resident's safety will be denied.

Applicants who are first-time renters or who do not have sufficient income may qualify by having the lease guaranteed by a co-signer/ guarantor. The co-signer/ guarantor must have an excellent credit rating, with a gross monthly income of five (5) times the rental amount, to be considered. The applicant must pass all additional standard rental application requirements in regards to criminal background, age requirements, employment verification, and the applicant must have excellent rental verification. The co-signer/ guarantor must complete and sign the guarantor agreement. The co-signer/ guarantor must be a family member of the applicant. The co-signer/ guarantor will be held responsible for the entire rent and other costs, such as damages, for the entire tenancy at this property, this holds true even in the case of roommates. An application fee will be required. The co-signer can live out of state, but all paperwork must be signed, notarized, and sent back to property prior to the move-in date.

Pet Policy:
Pets are accepted based on the conditions of the pet lease agreement.

The rental criteria enables us to screen all perspective residents and requires each applicant to pass all above listed requirements, it does not ensure that all individuals residing or visiting the community conform to these guidelines.

I understand and accept these qualifying standards and have truthfully answered all questions. I understand that falsification of rental application information will lead to denial of rental.

By choosing "I Agree" and continuing to the application, I acknowledge that I have read AND understand ALL of the above information.

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